Queries from UTSSEP 06/03/2019

From the innocent request of labour management and social protection of the population to a full review of the State Service of Ukraine on labor issues: how to Prevent. Recently, quite often from the labor and social welfare departments, the population of local administrations have seemingly harmless letters asking for some information, often naming similar inquiries to the monitoring. But are the legitimate data requirements, and how is it necessary to respond to such requests? In order to obtain legal assistance to the specialists of the legally-guarding enterprise “Felix” appealed to the entity with the request to legally competently to check the head Department of State Labour in Kharkiv region. During the accompaniment of this test, the staff of the UoP “Felix” was determined that in his time the management of labour and social Protection of the population of the administration of Shevchenko district of Kharkiv City Council was sent a request for this company with To provide certain information. Usually ask indicators of social-labour relations, information on the level of remuneration, presence of collective agreement, etc. The enterprise provided the requested information, but the answer was legally uncompetently, which in the future led to the treatment of labour management and social protection in the main department of State Labour in Kharkiv region with a request to check this Enterprise. Only high-quality legal accompaniment of this verification by the lawyers of Yuop “Felix” allowed the enterprise to get the act of checking without violations and not “Naruvat” the prescription of the state labor. But in this case, before checking the state work it was possible and not to prove, if at the moment of receipt of a request for labor management and social protection of the population, this enterprise timely appealed to legal aid to the lawyers of Yuop “Felix”. In this case, properly compiled lawyers the answer would not even give an excuse to appear on the threshold of the company inspector of the Central Department of State Labor in Kharkiv region.   Senior associate Andrei Mezheretsky