Labor law

The main services we offer in the field of labor law:

  • general counseling on labor law issues (from hiring and probation, to termination of employment);
  • drafting documents and agreements related to personnel matters: employment contracts, contracts for the transfer of an employee from one organization to another, employee insurance, etc.;
  • planning to attract foreign labor (development of optimal structures and assistance in processing relevant documents);
  • checks for compliance with labor laws and comprehensive inspections on the eve of mergers, acquisitions and corporate reorganization;
  • consultations on wages and working time, employee rights, tax aspects of personnel policy, issues related to the provision of sick leave or for family reasons, as well as issues of insurance payments for employee claims;
  • establishment of a regime that protects trade secrets and intellectual property rights created during the period of employment in the company;
  • consultations on issues related to dismissal, staff reduction, closure and reorganization of the enterprise, the resignation of managers, as well as the organization of individual and massive layoffs of employees;
  • participation in litigation and labor disputes in connection with complaints, claims and claims under the labor law;
  • provision of other legal assistance in the “employee-employer” plane.