Contract law. Foreign economic activity.

LSC “FELIX” offers the following services in the practice of contract law. Foreign economic activity:

  • participation in negotiations with partners and/or contractors of the client related to the conclusion, modification, execution or termination of contracts;
  • preparation of primary pre-contractual instruments (protocols of intentions, preliminary contracts, etc.);
  • legal examination of draft contracts proposed to the client for signing;
  • legal examination of documents for the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, legal support for obtaining information on force majeure circumstances, an opinion on a significant change in the circumstances of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • preparation of legal certificates, opinions on economic and foreign economic activities;
  • provision of consultations and explanations on issues of economic and foreign economic activity;
  • drafting of arbitration clauses, effective ways of securing obligations, as well as other legal mechanisms for protecting the interests of the client in contractual relations.