About us

FELIX is a juridical-security company providing a full package of legal and security services for legal and natural persons. Since its inception, the law firm has a reputation as a professional and reliable partner.

The basic principles of our work are individual approach to each client taking into account specificity of its activity, focus on result, strict confidentiality and responsibility to the client.

A close-knit team of highly professional lawyers is working to achieve this goal. Among us are lawyers with many years of experience in legal work, young talented lawyers, lawyers, specialists of certain branches of law.

The legal experience gained in practice in various spheres of economic, civil, tax, criminal and other legal relations, allows to provide legal services qualitatively and operatively.

Only for the last year our lawyers successfully escorted more than 150 inspections of controlling and law enforcement agencies, registered more than 50 business entities, defended the interests of clients in more than 300 court cases in the courts of all Jurisdictions.

We closely monitor the innovations in the legislation and expand the range of services in accordance with the requirements of today, because Our main task is the correct construction of our client’s business, starting from the choice of the organizational-legal form and ending with tax optimization of the enterprise activity.

The peculiarity of our company’s activity is also the provision of complex services to ensure the safety of individuals and property.

We value our customers, so they trust us!

Our team


Науково-виробниче підприємство «Холод»
Курси водіїв "Зелена хвиля»
ТОВ «Ютам Харків»
Виробник продукції «Жирнов»
Corporation "ACC"
LLC NVP "Lekon"
Ranok Publishing House
Company "GRIKAR - APS"
MIRMEX warehouse equipment
DIGMA chain of grocery stores
Hotel "FELISA"
Plant "MAYAK"
KHAN Real Estate Agency
Taxi «3040»
Apple Service iPhone "X-pert"